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For Rectangular Pool Size: 12 feet x 24 feet. Cover Size: 14 feet x 26 feet.

Over 100 Years old and over 50 years of direct safety cover experience; material testing and design innovation takes all the guess work and research out of your decision.

Meyco Safety. Safety for guests and patrons is the major concern for every hotel, motel, YMCA, school, college or club. When properly secured to the pool decking, the cover's criss-crossed webbing holds taut across the pool in a trampoline style. Meyco covers cannot blow off in a wind storm and the straps are capable of withstanding 4,500 lbs. of tension. All covers exceed ASTM standards for safety as well as most insurance company requirements. Meyco covers can reduce your liability.

Meyco Appearance and Maintenance. Safeguard your pool during the off-season without losing it's attractiveness. Meyco mesh safety covers prevent the accumulation of potentially dangerous surface water and unsightly debris. They reduce maintenance by virtually eliminating cleanup costs. They are maintenance free!

The brass anchors become flush with the pool deck when not in use. When springs are attached to the anchors, they can only be removed with the cover installation tool.

Meyco Warranty. Meyco's outstanding 12-Year Warranty is offered as a result of high quality materials and workmanship. Meyco pool covers are built tough and last long.

Meyco Quality. Meyco covers are made of the finest materials available:
High Grade Hardware: stainless steel springs, solid brass anchors, 36 inch stainless steel installation rod, and stainless steel buckles.
Self Protecting Design to Stand the Test of Time: reinforcing straps and specially placed heavy-duty pads.
UV Protected and Weather Resistant: All materials are manufactured to be highly UV protected and resistant to weather extremes.
Marine Grade Thread: triple stitched throughout the cover for maximum strength and longevity.

Meyco PermaGuard For Use With Pump. The PermaGuard Solid Safety Cover was designed to keep the water's chemicals in the pool longer, keep out the sunlight and keep out finer debris. This will allow you to open a very clean pool in the spring. (Some cover maintenance is required during winter months.) This material is heavier and not as easy to manage. Since it is a solid cover, water tends to stay on top of the pool cover and debris may remain on the cover rather than blow off. This PermaGuard cover requires a cover pump (sold separately) to help with water accumulation and as required by ASTM standards for solid pool covers.

PermaGuard Comparison: 10 oz. per sq. yard, filtration is minimal, 100% sunblock, 12 Year Warranty, 1,800 square foot size limit. Most Meyco covers ship regular ground shipping. The standard color is Green. If you would like your cover in Blue or Black, please let us know at time of order. (Additional charges may apply.)

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