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No. 4 Winter Plug with Valve for 3/4 Inch Pipe, with Blow Thru Valve Item: AQWPV-4

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Safely seal off in-ground plumbing lines during freezing conditions! Winter freeze plugs are used to plug your swimming pool pipes after they have been drained to prevent water from entering the pipes and causing freeze damage. Simply screw plugs into all return and drain inlets after blowing out lines.

Our rubber expansion plugs are non-corrosive construction made of heavy-duty nylon, stainless steel, and high quality rubber. Stem is brass. The wing nut turns easily. Seal the hole and blow air through the plug.

Note: Image is a representation of product and may not be the actual image of the specified plug.

  • Measures: .75"

Winter Plug Removing Tool Item: #1048-PT147