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SWX Series 5 Inch Inlet/Outlet Flanged Hair and Lint Strainer with Stainless Basket and Clear Top Item: SWX116105031

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Fluidtrol now manufacturers the basket strainers for the Marlow Pumps. The strainers are identical centerline and face-to-face dimensions as the Marlow C10X and D10X Series. However, the Fluidtrol strainers are constructed from the more corrosion resistant PVC/FRP laminate.

Fluidtrol SWX Series Basket Strainers are specifically designed for Marlow pumps and aquatic applications. Included with this strainer package is a clear acrylic lid, stainless T-Handle lid attachments, Van-Stone Flanges and heavy-duty stainless basket (1/8 inch perforated). Pressure rating is 50 psi.

Lid Attachment Assembly. Machined from solid 304 SS bar and should outlast the strainer. Number of T-handles depends on size of strainer. Example: 10 inch and below have 6 T-Handles.

Acrylic Lid. Clear acrylic lid features almost crystal clarity and weather-ability. Lid thickness depends on size of strainer. 10 inch and below have 1 inch thick lids. 12 inch and above have 1.5 inch thick lids.

Flange Connection. All strainers are supplied with loose rig flanges. PVC strainers utilize Schedule 80 flanges produced from PVC type 1 and conform to ANSI B16.5, Class 150.

Strainer Identification. All strainers are given labels with a serial number for future reference. Complete records are kept at the factory. In the event an end user needs assistance, parts or replacement, Fluidtrol is able to identify the exact strainer. Even special circumstances of each individual unit can be filed.

  • Engineered specifically for heavy-duty aquatic facility usage.
  • Composite laminate construction offers corrosion resistance of PVC and the mechanical strength of fiberglass.
  • Solvent fused and backwelded prior to addition of fiberglass over-wrap.
  • Material creates minimum pressure drop in the line due to a large open area (pipe diameter ratios).

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