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60 Feet Gold Medal Lane Line with 6 Inch Disk Item: CS2003711

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The Competitor Gold Medal Lane consists of a series of 6 Inch plastic discs and donuts strung on a vinyl coated 3/16ths Inch stainless steel cable. The vinyl coating helps protect the disks from excessive wear. Each disc is designed to rotate independently of the others allowing the swimmers wake energy to be absorbed and dispersed along the channel provided within the lane. This feature allows for a consistency of wave quelling from one lane to another, a unique feature not found in other products on the market.

The Gold Medal racing lines are internationally recognized and were first introduced at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games and have proudly been the choice for 9 out of the last 12 Olympic Games. They meet USS, NCAA, FINA, and H.S. standards.

CompetitorÕs standard configuration has a 15 foot solid lead-in color at each end. At least two colors should be used, with a distinctly different color pattern implemented five meters from each end of the pool. FINA requires a backstroke turn marking of a contrasting color 15 meters from each end of the lane.

By using a disconnect assembly, you can obtain different lengths from the same line (if needed).

  • Disc Diameter: 6 inches.
  • Mid way on the length of the disc hub is a radially extended web member, which supports annular-section ring-shaped flanges in co-axial relationship with the central bore.
  • To assist in damping the longitudinal wave forces, the web member is formed with a multiplicity of circular openings.
  • The web, in conjunction with the multiple fins, combines to impede, aerate, dampen and break up the other.
  • Both the web and fin functions are very important in that most waves will not intersect the lane in a perpendicular manner.

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