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Asahi Pool Pro Butterfly Valve 12 Inch Gear with Two 12 Inch Flanges and Bolt Kit Item: AA0120G-FVBK

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The Type-SP Pool Pro® butterfly valves are the first valve designed exclusively for the pool service industry. This cost-effective valve can be completely submerged in chlorinated water. The Pool Pro's unique blue handle identifies that this valve is ideally suited for use in chlorinated water applications.

The Pool Pro valve's durable PVC-constructed body provides superior corrosion resistance and weighs less than similar valves made of metal.__They provide exceptional, reliable performance, and are virtually maintenance-free and easy to install.

The Pool Pro comes with an ISO mounting pad, allowing for easy field-mounting of accessory options, including stem extensions, gear operators, and electric or pneumatic actuation. Asahi/America's Pool Pro butterfly valve is offered in sizes ranging from 1-1/2 to 12 inches.

Ideal Applications Include: Isolation valves, control valves, water features, fountains, fresh water aquariums, swimming pools.

Submersible: Material of construction allows complete submersion of valve body as all components are compatible with chlorinated water.
PVC/PVC/EPDM Construction: Ideal for Chlorinated water applications.
Blue Handle Design: Blue handle designates the proper valve is in place for chlorinated water applications.
Stainless steel S32101 Non-wetted Stem: Stem does not come in contact with the media but is still compatible if in direct contact.
Thermoplastic Material: Lightweight construction allows for easy installation.
ISO Mounting Pad: Allows for field mounting of accessories including stem extensions, gear operators and automation.
18-Position Throttle Plate: For lever handle style.

This model includes valve and bolt kit. Each kit includes Asahi Valve, Schedule 80 Van Stone flange slips, and Hex Head zinc coated bolts with washers.

Asahi Pool Pro Butterfly Valve 12 Inch Gear with Two 12 Inch Flanges and Stainless Steel Bolt Kit Item: #AA0120G-FVBKSS