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  Challenger High Flow Energy Efficient Full Rated Pump CFII-NI-1FE 1 HP 115/230V Medium Head  

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Description of Challenger High Flow Energy Efficient Full Rated Pump CFII-NI-1FE 1 HP 115/230V Medium Head

Challenger® High Flow pumps are designed to deliver increased flow rates needed in more demanding applications. And they deliver extra pumping power while also minimizing energy use. These fiberglass-reinforced pumps feature closed impellers and durable custom-molded thermoplastic components to meet the toughest operating conditions and keep on going. And thanks to a hydraulic design that's been refined over 40 years, they deliver superior performance using smaller horsepower motors, which cost far less to run. For challenging applications where high flow rates are required, Challenger has set the industry standard for quiet, rugged reliability for years and years.


Extra-large strainer basket extends time between cleanings.
Transparent lid with ergonomic handle provides easy access to strainer basket.
User-friendly removable drain plugs.
User-friendly removable drain plugs.
Most diverse offering in voltage and horsepower.

The internal design reduces friction and turbulence. This translates into less noise and greater energy efficiency for reduced operating cost. Specially designed internal components and 2 inch ports provide rapid priming and further contribute to a quiet operation.

Port size is 2 x 2 inches except on 5 hp models where port size is 3 x 2 inches.

The Energy Efficient (EE) rated pumps contain Energy Efficient motors that can save you up to 33% on your electric bill. For example, a standard efficiency 1 hp pump running for 8 hours may cost $41 while it's EE equivalent will only cost $28. The average cost difference between standard and EE pool pumps is about $100. You will make up this difference in less then eight (8) months.