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Challenger High Pressure Energy Efficient CFII-NI-2FE Pump Full Rated 2 HP 208-230V Item: 345208

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Challenger® High Pressure pumps are designed specifically for applications requiring higher pressure operation to feed multiple needs beyond pool water circulation, such as spa jets, in-floor cleaning systems, and decorative water features like waterfalls and fountains. Plus, they provide all that power while remaining highly efficient and delivering years of unattended performance. Pump components are custom molded thermoplastic for superior strength and durability.

The hydraulic design reduces friction and turbulence so more water races through your system with less noise and greater energy efficiency for low operating cost. Besides its rugged fiberglass reinforced housing, Challenger also features closed impellers and durable, custom-molded thermoplastic components that stand up to high pressure operation year after year. Multiple motor sizes assure the ability to precisely match the right pump to your application. This further assures peak operating efficiency and low cost.


Standard 2 inch suction and discharge ports permit maximum operating efficiency.
Extra-large strainer basket extends time between cleanings.
Transparent strainer pot lid with comfortable handle provides easy access to strainer basket.
Unique diffuser and impeller provide excellent high pressure performance for all types of demanding installations.
One-bolt stainless steel clamp removes easily to provide quick access for any required service.

Additionally, the power end can easily be removed for service or winterizing without disturbing piping or pump support base. No tool required for removing thumbscrew drain plugs for draining and winterizing.

The Energy Efficient (EE) rated pumps contain Energy Efficient motors that can save you up to 33% on your electric bill. For example, a standard efficiency 1 hp pump running for 8 hours may cost $41 while it's EE equivalent will only cost $28. The average cost difference between standard and EE pool pumps is about $100. You will make up this difference in less then eight (8) months.