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Deck-O-Seal One-Step Cartridge 11 Oz. Item: 11JFM
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Deck-O-Seal ONE STEP is a single component, non-sagging, elastomeric, polysulfide-based sealing compound for caulking joints and structures that are subject to movement due to temperature change. ONE STEP is ideal for sealing all joints in concrete structures wherever a permanent water-tight seal is required. It is ideal for use in swimming pools above the waterline, where the tile meets the pool coping. It also bonds well to masonry, glass, metal, and wood. For joints that will be submerged under water, use two part DECK-O-SEAL (pourable grade) for horizontal applications. All joints submerged under water must be primed with Sealtight P/G Primer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly resilient with excellent recovery characteristics.
  • Prevents uncontrolled cracking by allowing expansion and contraction during temperature changes.
  • Stays flexible…won’t become brittle or crack due to ultraviolet exposure.
  • Resists abrasion, weathering, and moisture; elevated temperatures will not cause discoloration.
  • Resistant to pool chemicals used under normal conditions.
  • Provides a permanent and uniform water-tight seal.
  • Economical…no wasted material.
  • Eliminates moisture delays…rain or morning dew actually enhances the product after installation.

ONE STEP is pre-mixed, ready-to-use, in a self-contained 11 oz. cartridge. Picture shown may not depict exact packaging and is only representative of product.

ONE STEP is not paintable. DO NOT apply paint over surfaces sealed with DECK-O-SEAL products.

Choose from: Dura-White, Stone Gray or Desert Tan.

Click Here to View Chart that shows the approximate number of lineal feet that can be sealed with an 11 ounce cartridge.

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