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Durafirm 1 Meter Dive Stand with Double Rail (Both Sides) No Anchors Item: 70-231-400

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The Duraflex 1-meter stand is designed for easy installation in existing pools. The installation of the Duraflex 1-meter does not require any excavation of existing concrete, nor an expensive concrete platform. The aluminum castings are thick and heavy, providing a stable base for the diving board. The shape of the ladder is designed to put support directly under the rear mounting location of the diving board, which further enhances the stability. The ladder has built-in handrails that provide a comfortable grip as the diver ascends the ladder. The steps are a wide, comfortable design, featuring a replaceable slip-resistant slotted tread that matches the Duraflex competition diving board. This ladder is very easy and comfortable to use.

The 1-meter diving stands are the result of design and engineering focused on stability, low noise level, safety, and ease of installation on new or existing decks. All structural members are heavy aluminum castings. All working parts are heat-treated high strength anodized aluminum forgings or extrusions. Roller, slide and hinge bearings are field replaceable nylon, adjustable for wear. The patented Durafirm fulcrum replaces the convention rack and gear type fulcrum with precision tracks and slide bearings that reduce hardware clatter as much as 80%. Durafirm fulcrum and anchor units have been chosen by serious competitors worldwide for years!

DURAFIRM ONE-METER. The Durafirm 1-meter dive stands are available with single guardrails on one or both sides or double guardrails on both sides. Like the 3 meter stand, the 1 meter stand has hinged board anchors which allow easy tilting of the board up to 180°.

Indicate deck-to-water level and board length and type when ordering. Deck area used is 30 x 135 inches. Anchors sold separately.

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