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E-Z Patch 1 F.S. White Pool Plaster Repair (Fast Set) 1 lb. Item: EZP-005

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E-Z Patch 1 F.S. (Fast Set) White Plaster Repair is a plaster mixture specifically designed for fast set underwater or above water (with water lowered) repairs. It is also the best product to use for fast repairs in cold weather or when painting or coating plaster. E-Z Patch 1 F.S. (Fast Set). White Plaster Repair matches the original surface of most white pool plaster, and the color may be tinted using any cement type dye. This product contains special modified materials with pozzolans (siliceous volcanic ash) and polymers. If water is lowered to do repairs, the pool may be refilled after 4 hours. Swimming may be allowed the next day.

A 1 lb. jar covers up to 1/3 square feet at 3/8 inches. A convenient size for small repairs.

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