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E-Z Patch 2 Repair Kit for Stegmeier Frontier Desert Deck Surfaces 3 Lbs. Item: EZP2S-3

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Keeping your pool deck in top shape has never been easier. Now, repair and patch pool deck surfaces like a pro. The E-Z Patch 2 Sand Buff color matches most pool decks. All Stegmeier Frontier Desert Deck colors are available. (Mortex Kool Deck E-Z Patch 2 colors can be ordered under item number EZP2M.)

Our special Non-Reimulsifying Acrylic modified material with Pozzalons and Polymers is for above water pool deck repairs. Top quality materials and additives, backed up by superior formulations all add up to good looking, long lasting repairs.

HINTS: To prevent surface shrinkage cracks in repairs over 1/4 inches deep, use a 2-step process. First, fill-in with E-Z Patch 2 until the depth is approximately 1/4 inch. Then after fill-in is dry, dampen with water and finish the repair.

A 50 lb. pail covers up to 65 square feet at 1/4 inches. Perfect for big jobs and contractors.

Note: Cool Deck or Kool Deck is a textured cement that is applied over concrete about 1/4 inch thick. It is applied using a Dash Brush to make the many peaks or bumps which you trowel when slightly firm to create a high-low, knocked down color textured surface that (when using light or medium color) is cooler on skin and more slip resistant. To determine if you have a Mortex or Stegmeier deck surface color, click on Additional Information for more information.

Stegmeier colors are provided. Color appearance may vary and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy.

E-Z Patch 2 Repair Kit for Stegmeier Frontier Desert Deck Surfaces 1 Lb. Item: #EZP2S-1
E-Z Patch 2 Repair Kit for Mortex Kool Deck Surfaces 3 Lbs. Item: #EZP2M-3