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Aboveground Standard Skimsaver Lid Replacement (I.D. 5-5/8 H x 5-7/8 W Inches) Item: AGL-100

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Replacement Lid'l Seal SkimSaver lids. The flexible lid is about 50% smaller because it does not cover the faceplate screws anymore. Just snaps into place, then peels right back off in seconds. A patented ring-tab that fits your index finger is built right into the corner of the lid. This will make it easy to peel back and remove the lid in the spring time.

Replacement lid only. Fits Aboveground Standard SkimSaver as shown in diagram image.

Aboveground Standard Skimsaver Kit (I.D. 5-5/8 H x 5-7/8 W, O.D. 8-1/16 H x 8-6/16 W Inches) Item: #AG-100