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Vertical Modulating Dual Float Valve 8 Inch Item: MFV-V080H-V

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Designed to modulate the flow of water from the main drain to the surge pit or tank. As the water level in surge tank rises, the valve closes, limiting the return water that is coming from the main drain. That allows more water to flow from the gutters.

They can only be used on systems where the tank cannot flood on system shut down. These float valves are for surge tanks and open vacuum D.E. filters.

The Vertical Modulating Float Valves are designed to be used on a horizontal pipe line and have a working range of no less than 18 inches.

The Fluidtrol Modulating Float Valves consist of a stress-relieved polypropylene body with a solid polypropylene disc. Material is a minimum of one inch in thickness. The disc shaft is 1/2 inch in diameter made of 304 stainless steel. All hardware is also 304 stainless steel. Buyrate floats are 8 inches in diameter and are fully adjustable.

Horizontal Modulating Dual Float Valve 8 Inch Item: #MFV-H080HDF