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multiLift Pool Lift 350 Pound Capacity with Activation Key, Armrests, Anchor Item: AQ-575-1000

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The multiLift is a flanged pool lift that is a snap to install! The multiLift is S.R. Smith's most versatile pool lift yet, the Wheel-A-Way option provides flexibility to remove the lift for seasonal storage. Right or left side mounting means less to think about when selecting a pool lift location on the deck. The multiLift is the first pool lift to come standard with our LiftOperator Intelligent Control System, the most technologically advanced pool lift control on the market. With an emergency stop button that can stop the lift mid-cycle, and an audible safety alert that can bring a stranded user to the attention of your facility personnel.

This model includes the Activation Key which prevents unauthorized use; ideal for unattended pool environments.

  • 350 lb. lifting capacity.
  • Install as a fixed or removable pool lift.
  • Right seat mounting (facing pool), field convertible to left.
  • Wheel-A-Way mobility option.
  • LiftOperator Intelligent Control System.
  • Verified by a third party to meet ADA standards.
  • New one-piece design.
  • Integrated, hinged armrests for stability.
  • Molded in-seat hand grips for easy transfer.
  • Comes with Activation Key, LiftOperator, battery, charger, flush deck anchors, armrests, seat beat assembly, and electronics console cover.
  • Limited three-year warranty on the frame. Two-year electronics warranty.

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