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Custom Length Special Lane Line with 4 Inch Disk Sold Per Foot (Hardware Not Included) Item: CS200333000

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The 4 Inch Competitor Racing Lanes measure 4 inches in diameter and consists of a series of 5 fins projecting from the center hub. They were first introduced at the 1968 Summer Olympic Games, and meet USS, NCAA, FINA, and H.S. standards.

CompetitorÕs standard configuration has a 15 foot solid lead-in color at each end. At least two colors should be used, with a distinctly different color pattern implemented five meters from each end of the pool. FINA requires a backstroke turn marking of a contrasting color 15 meters from each end of the lane.

By using a disconnect assembly, you can obtain different lengths from the same line (if needed).

  • Disc Diameter: 4 inches.
  • Mid way on the length of the disc hub is a radially extended web member, which supports annular-section ring-shaped flanges in co-axial relationship with the central bore.
  • To assist in damping the longitudinal wave forces, the web member is formed with a multiplicity of circular openings.
  • The web, in conjunction with the multiple fins, combines to impede, aerate, dampen and break up the other.
  • Both the web and fin functions are very important in that most waves will not intersect the lane in a perpendicular manner.

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