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CAT/Hayward PRO 25 ORP Gold Sensor For Salt Water with 10 Foot Cable Item: AQPR-25-AU

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The performance of any chemical controller is only as good as the signals generated by the pH and ORP sensors. The CAT heavy-duty sensors are the product of more than seven years research and development. Our design incorporates the latest technology such as dry-polymer electrolyte for extremely long life and patented Porous Teflon reference junction for low maintenance. CAT heavy-duty electrodes are a direct upgrade for all common pH and ORP controllers.

CAT sensors are constructed as combination electrodes. The standard BNC connector is covered by a color-coded boot. Revolutionary in the sensor field, the special porous teflon material resists fowling and is easily cleaned with a soft brush and a degreasing cleanser such as 409. Mineral deposits can be removed with a mild acid solution.

  • Low-Noise Low-Leakage Specialty Cable
  • High Capacity 1/2" NPT Molded Body
  • 2 Foot Cable
  • Gold Tipe Sensor for Salt Chlorinated Pools
  • Two Year Limited Prorated Warranty (covers all defects in materials and workmanship)

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