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3M Stick-ons

Our Deck and Coping 3M Depth Markers are skid resistant and pressure sensitive stick-ons. Specifically designed for above the water line and deck placement, numbers, letters, and images are available in 4 inches or more to meet National and State Codes.

3M English Feet (FT) Series 4 Inch 010FTSW0606-I.jpg 3M English Inch (IN) Series 4 Inch 020INSW0606-I.jpg 3M Metric (M) Series 4 Inch 034MESW1006-I.jpg 3M Number Only Series 4 Inch 050XXSW0606-I.jpg
3M Message Series 4 Inch 116TISW0806-I.jpg 3M Message Series less than 4 Inch 115TISW0906-I.jpg 3M Symbol Series 101TISW0606-I.jpg 3M Stick-ons 6 Inch 140FTSW0906-I.jpg
Installation Kits V004000-I.jpg      
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