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Handicap Symbol 3M Adhesive Depth Marker 6 Inch x 6 Inch Item: 130TISW0606

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Our Deck and Coping 3M Depth Markers are skid resistant and designed for above the water line and deck placement around your pools and decks. This message series lettering is less than 4 inches.

Our 3M Stick-on Depth Markers eliminate messy stenciling. They are made of a durable commercial-grade vinyl and are pressure sensitive. Our 3M Stick-ons are designed to adhere to sealed, painted, or rough concrete surfaces, as well as existing tile. They are skid resistant which helps prevent slippage.

Please note that the 3M Stick-on Depth Markers are for above the water line use only! They install quickly and easily, giving you a professional look. Instructions are included.

We do have an installation kit that may be purchased separately. It is not needed on small jobs. But if you have 10 or more 3M Stick-on Depth Markers to install, you should consider purchasing our installation kit. Our full kit includes a 4-inch roller, Spray Adhesive, and 3M Stick-on Edge Sealer. It will help make your big job go a lot easier.

For Above the Water Line Use Only!

NO DIVING with International Symbol 3M Adhesive Depth Marker 8 Inch x 8 Inch Item: #101TISW0808