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Aboveground Solid Winter Covers for Round 27 or 28 foot pools in your choice of fabrics and warranties.

Why Use a Winter Cover?

Keeps your pool water clean and free from dirt, leaves and debris.
Stops chemical loss through evaporation.
Prevents algae growth.
Protects pool from the wear and tear of winter.
Eliminates costly maintenance and spring cleanup.

Traditional solid winter cover for round aboveground pools in your choice of fabric thickness and warranty levels. The covers listed fit round aboveground pools size 27 or 28 feet.

Be sure to click on the pool cover image for a more detailed description of that particular cover, its style and thickness, and warranty level.

GLI_Classic-I.jpg 28X28 FEET ROUND CLASSIC WINTER COVER Item: #AQWC27R07 15 - In stock
GLI_Estate-I.jpg 28X28 FEET ROUND ESTATE WINTER COVER Item: #AQWC27R10 Ships in 7-10 Days
GLI_Patriot-I.jpg 28X28 FOOT ROUND PATRIOT WINTER COVER Item: #AQWC28R20 Ships in 7-10 Days