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Acu-trol AK600PS-A3 Controller, 3 Bodies of Water, pH, ORP, Temp and Flow Cell Item: 701000190

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Acu-Trol programmable controllers offer a new software package that allows a pool operator to view the status of the vessel’s controller online at any time of the day or night. Users can check pH, ORP, ppm, temperature and water flow from any location with an internet connection. The time and date at which the data was collected and a pH/chlorine chart also can be monitored.

The Total Water Quality Solution! The most advanced multiple pool controller available, providing the ultimate in equipment room automation. Up to sixteen output relay combinations, configurable for six types of control. The AK600 can be customized for any facility, with voltage-configurable control relays and bi-directional control, database information options accessible via direct link, dial-up, wireless modem and Ethernet connectivity. With control of chemicals, pumps, filters, heaters, air handlers, chloramine reduction systems, and the ability to interface with building management systems for up to 3 bodies of water, the AK600 completes an aquatic facility. 

Acu-Trol AK600, Model AK600PS-A3. Our Part No. 701000190, includes 3 bodies, pH, ORP, Temp and Flow Cell. This application is for 3 pools or spas.

Warranty Five (5) years on the controller, one (1) year on the flow cell and two (2) years on the sensors.

  • AcuCom™ Communications Software.
  • Pump room controller for pumps, heaters and filters.
  • Multiple pool control for 1, 2, or 3 pool configurations.
  • pH, ORP, Colorimetric PPM, backwash and temperature control.
  • Programmable pH, ORP, PPM and temperature set points, flow and pressure differential.
  • Programmable proportional feed for precise chemical feed.
  • Programmable acid, CO2, or base feed for pH control.
  • Automate filter backwash for up to two bodies of water.
  • AK1200™ flow cell with built-in flow switch, shut-off valves, inlet strainer and sampling port.
  • 16 relays with three (3) voltage configurations.
  • Touch screen display puts flexibility at your fingertips.
  • Customize applications to any pool, spa or water feature.
  • Communications packages featuring pagers, wireless network modems, voice modems, standard data modems.
  • Data Storage for over one (1) year. Security features prevent unauthorized access.
  • Two programming modes for basic and advanced controller operations.
  • ETL Listed to UL 1563 5th Edition.

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