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AquaMax with UltraKart Item: AMX

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Inground commercial pool cleaner designed for pools from 45 to 75 feet in length. Cleans floor and walls.

The AquaMax provides full pool coverage including walls. It's reuseable micro-filter bag and ease of use makes it the world's most popular commercial cleaner. Cleaning time is spent 90% on bottom, 10% on walls, with direct contact brush scrubbing. It has an automatic timer shut-off and air sensor. Filter is bottom loading for easy access. The AquaMax includes a fine filter bag and features a single drive motor and single pump motor.

Standard Rubber Brushes (Concrete). Will work most of the time on most surfaces with no problems.

PVA Brushes: For slippery surfaces like tile, fiberglass, stainless steel or vinyl.

  • Coverage: 7500 square feet per hour.
  • 5100 gallons per hour.
  • 1-9 hour timer available.
  • High capacity filter bag.
  • Minimum filter particle size: 2 microns.
  • 110V/60Hz - 220V/50Hz.
  • Operating Cost: 10 cents per cleaning cycle.
  • Cable Length: 120 feet.
  • Turning: Program.
  • Weight and Dimensions: 27 lbs., 19 x 15 x 13 inches.

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