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DuraMAX BiTurbo T2 with UltraKart Item: ADMXBTT2

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Inground commercial pool cleaner designed for pools up to 75 feet in length. Cleans floor and walls.

The DuraMax BiTurbo T2 cleans Olympic size pools with a compact durable design. Its dual pump motors and large body design provide the necessary filtration and cleaning capability for pools over 80 feet long. Features floor and wall programs with direct contact brush scrubbing. It has an automatic timer shut-off and air sensor. Filter is bottom loading for easy access. The DuraMax includes a fine filter bag and is motor driven with dual pump motors.

Coverage—8,790 square feet per hour.
9,600-10,200 gallons per hour.
Adjustable 1-7 hour timer.
Never Stuck™ System.
High capacity filter bag.
Minimum filter particle size: 2 microns.
Operating Cost: 10 cents per cleaning cycle.
Kink Resistant Cable Length: 120 feet.
Turning: Program; 2-Directional Remote Control.
Weight and Dimensions: 40 lbs., 26 x 15 x 12 inches.

Two-Year Warranty.