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Bars, Bells & Gloves

Aquatic barbells provide resistance for fitness and strength training. Check out our great selection of fitness items for your aquatic workout or therapy sessions.

TriFit Walker (Max 36 inch) White AP168-I.jpg $82.80
Fitness Hand Buoys - Model 30 AQHB-30-I.jpg $39.60
HEAVY-HAND BUOYS 697-240-I.jpg $36.82
Fitness Hand Buoys - Model 25 AQHB-25-I.jpg $35.35  
INSTRUCTIONAL SWIM BAR 697-230-I.jpg $35.05
DeltaBells Pro Bar Bells Maximum Resistance AP135-I.jpg $33.27
TriFit Max Bar (36 inch) White AP145-I.jpg $33.27
WET VEST MITTS 693-336-I.jpg $31.15  
Fitness Hand Buoys - Model 20 AQHB-20-I.jpg $31.10
CHALLENGE PRO LARGE BUOYS 697-214-I.jpg $30.03
TriFit Bar (30 inch) White AP144-I.jpg $28.65
AquaFit Pro Barbells Maximum Resistance AP118-I.jpg $28.19  
DeltaBells Medium Resistance AP19-83-I.jpg $26.80
Fitness Hand Buoys - Model 15 AQHB-15-I.jpg $25.98
ActiveBells Light Resistance AP130-I.jpg $23.10
Fitness Hand Buoys - Model 10 AQHB-10-I.jpg $22.28  
CHALLENGE PRO LIGHT BUOYS 697-210-I.jpg $21.11
Fitness Hand Buoys - Model 5 AQHB-5-I.jpg $20.14
WAVE WEB PRO 693-302-I.jpg $20.08
Web Pro Gloves Black AP86-I.jpg $18.50  
Fitness Swim Bar - 30 Inch AQHB-30B-I.jpg $17.45
Foam Cylinder Therapy Roll 6 Inch by 36 Inch AQ5070-I.jpg $16.97
Fitness Swim Bar - 36 Inch AQHB-36B-I.jpg $15.00  
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