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Hydro-Fit Mini Cuffs Item: 693-310

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Water exercise is all about moving more water and creating more resistance—an irresistible combination for a great workout.

Smaller in size, but no less versatile, Mini Cuffs are made with half the level of buoyancy and resistance of the Hydro-Fit Cuffs. Wear Mini Cuffs around your ankles, on your wrists, even around your waist!

In shallow or deep water, adding Mini Cuffs increases the water's resistance, helping you improve muscle tone and aerobic endurance. Fastened together as a belt, Mini Cuffs provide buoyant support in deep water. Or wear Mini Cuffs around your ankles with your WAVE Belt or WAVE Belt PRO for a more challenging workout.

Mini Cuffs include an Owner's Manual with illustrated exercises.

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