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Aqua Combo Splash DVD by Karen Westfall - Limited Quanitites - All Sales Final Item: AQBOK213-S

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This is the perfect workout for beginner to advanced levels. Even if you have never worked out in the water before, this user friendly workout will make your body stronger, leaner and visibly slimmer. The aerobics section will help you burn calories with less stress to your bones and joints in a comforting water environment. The water's resistance will help strengthen and tone your muscles.

Karen Westfall once again masters the art of water aerobics. Whether you are advanced in the fitness field or a beginner, you can benefit from this DVD. It combines a lot of different fitness fields into the water. Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga all find their way into this great cardio and strength workout. This truly is an all-in-one workout DVD.

Length: 60 minutes.

Level of Intensity: Beginner to moderate. This DVD would make an excellent introduction to anyone unfamiliar with water workouts, as it has a little bit of everything.