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Strength and Power H2O Workout DVD by Karen Westfall - Limited Quanitites - All Sales Final Item: AQBOK214-S

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The Power & Strength Water Workout is a non-stop, incredibly challenging program designed for athletes or those demanding a very high intensity program. Plyometric and Power movements alternate between ultra-tough strengthening and aerobics. If your goal is to improve your agility, quickness, speed, strength, coordination, athleticism, and vertical jumping ability, this workout is perfect for you.

Length: 55 minutes.

Level of Intensity: Moderate. This video will be most beneficial for athletes who are looking for a new way to train or a coach who wants to do the same.

Two things set this video apart from other aquatic workouts. First, it takes interval training and puts it in the water, something fairly unique. Also, Karen focuses on plyometric training. This is a great fit for water, as there is little stress on joints, but actually more resistance. So for athletes who are looking to improve that skill in their sport, this video will be very beneficial.