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1-2 Person Little Swimmer Training Platform Item: AQF100TTP-VX1
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The Mini Training Platform is ideal for single student training and swim lessons. Great for one-on-one training. Made of PVC, it is lightweight and very easy to get in and out of the water. 

It features a 24” x 36” adjustable height platform with removable rails and non-skid feet. The platform deck height is adjustable from 12” to 18” high. Economical, it is great for smaller pools that want to offer swim training. Should you decide you need more space, you can purchase more mini platforms to expand your training area. The minis can be snapped together. 

The back and side rails are removable. The mini includes safety mesh netting for bottom rails/legs.

Little Swimmer Training Platform Item: #AQF200TTP-VX3