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Bromine 1 Inch Tablets - 50 Lbs. Item: CM1850

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These tablets dissolve slowly and evenly and must be distributed into your pool via a tablet feeder. As effective as chlorine, tablets are odor free.

Active ingredient: 98% Bromochloro-5, 5- Dimethylhydabtoin (a concentrated source of active bromine).

Directions: When initially feeding Bromine Tablets into the pool, establish a bromine residual of 2 to 4 ppm. When initially adding the bromine into a tablet feeder, start by increasing the brominator to the highest setting or feed rate, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once there is a residual of 2 to 4 ppm of bromine, reduce the setting of the tablet feeder to deliver a consistent level of bromine to the water. Test water frequently using test strips or a test kit to ensure proper sanitizer levels.

Using Bromine in your swimming pool has a lot of advantages over other sanitizing products. Bromine is as effective at sanitizing water as chlorine but doesn't produce the harsh smells and it reduces skin and eye irritation. Bromine tablets dissolve at a slower rate than chlorine and they don't require the use of stabilizers. Unlike chlorine that loses most of its effectiveness at high pH levels, bromine is effective even at high pH levels.

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Bromine 1 Inch Tablets - 25 Lbs. Item: #CM1825INT