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CAT/Hayward PRO 25 ORP Sensor with 10 Foot Cable Item: AQPR-25

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The performance of any chemical controller is only as good as the signals generated by the pH and ORP sensors. The new CAT heavy-duty sensors are the product of more than seven years research and development. Our new design incorporates the latest technology such as dry-polymer electrolyte for extremely long life and patented Porous Teflon reference junction for low maintenance. CAT heavy-duty electrodes are a direct upgrade for all common pH and ORP controllers.

Low-Noise Specialty Cable. CAT pH and ORP sensors utilize a 10 ' highly specialized, low leakage cable which ensures clean signal transmission while filtering the noise and interference commonly found in equipment rooms. The standard BNC connector is covered by a color-coded boot.

High Capacity 1/2" NPT Molded Body. Durable custom injection molded body provides protection for the interior components while incorporating a standard 1/2" NPT wet end.

Reference Element. CAT sensors are constructed as combination electrodes. Each sensor is actually comprised of a reference half-cell and a measurement half-cell, so no additional reference electrode is required.

Dry-Polymer Electrolyte. Formulated to provide extended service life and high resistance to bacteriological contamination.

Teflon Reference Junction. Revolutionary in the sensor field, the special porous teflon material resists fowling and is easily cleaned with a soft brush and a degreasing cleanser such as 409. Mineral deposits can be removed with a mild acid solution.

Two Year Limited Prorated Warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship.

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