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Series 200 CO2 Feed Unit Item: 1111-CO2FeedUnit

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The simple and natural way for controlling swimming pool pH. Easy to install and operate.

This Poolink system includes a single tank wall mounted CO2 Feed Unit Controller, ABS panel which contains 10-100 SCFH Flowmeter, 120 Volt quiet acting solenoid valve, and on/off switch. System includes single tank pressure regulator with 0-100 psi discharge pressure mounted on gas cylinder with gauges for cylinder pressure and system pressure. Injection valve with built in check valve and CO2 diffuser. Polyethylene tubing 50 feet.

Also available in double or bulk tank configurations. Call for information.

  • Eliminates handling of strong acids.
  • No corrosive fumes.
  • No possibility of forming chlorine gas in the filter room or recirculation system.
  • Forms carbonic acid and bicarbonate buffer in water and makes it impossible to lower the pH below 6.8.
  • Improves pH stability by raising total alkalinity.

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