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CPO Log Book Kit (Includes Pen) Item: CPO-CPSL-K

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Our new Commercial Pool and Spa Log Book Kit is a complete 4 month logbook with tables documenting everything from pH and FAC to Bather Load, Pressure, Flow Rate, Backwashing, and more! Each notebook includes chemistry guidelines for both pools and spas and a contents page for pool(s) and contact info. You can use the same log book for multiple pools. The kit includes the All Weather Pen which writes when wet and upside down!

This book is made with high quality durable components for the outdoors. Starting with a thick plastic cover, this weather resistant book is designed to survive in the toughest pool environments. All log pages have a plastic core and are tear, water and grease resistant. No special pens or inks are needed to write in this log book.

There are two days per page or two pools per page. Various chemical readings as well as water clarity, temperature, bather load, weather conditions, flow rate, backwash, strainer cleaning, and pressure. There is space for additional readings (unique to your facility) and notes at the bottom.

Make your job a little easier and keep the Health Inspector happy.

CPO Log Book Item: #AQ-CPOLB