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CAT 2000 pH/ORP Controller with pH/ORP Sensors Item: CAT-2000

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Chemical automation is recognized by health officials and industry leaders as the safest, most effective method of maintaining precise, healthy water balance. Swimming pools, spas, waterparks and water treatment applications worldwide count on genuine CAT Controllers to ensure perfect water quality. The CAT 2000 constantly monitors pH and sanitizer activity (chlorine, bromine, even salt systems) and automatically implements chemical feeding in proportion to demand for picture-perfect water quality at all times. 

Note: This CAT-2000 Controller is not premounted and does not include flowcell or flow sensor. ORP displayed in mV only.

  • Digital, microprocessor-based design with flash technology.
  • Advanced Control Features including proportional feed.
  • Weatherproof membrane switch front panel interface.
  • All factor settings are permanently stored in memory.
  • Simple installation, setup and operation.
  • Compatible with all types of chemical feed equipment.
  • Dry-contact outputs provided for salt-chlorine systems.
  • Professional Series Sensors with Tefl on reference junctions.
  • Five-Year Comprehensive Warranty and technical support.
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Listed.

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