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Water chemistry automation prevents thousands of cases of recreational water illness every year. The HCC 1000 and HCC 1000 Complete Package are single channel pH water chemistry automation systems. The HCC 1000 features a pH sensor, water chemistry controller, flow cell, and pressure sensor, all factory-assembled and pre-mounted on a durable PVC backboard. The complete Package additionally includes a chemical feed pump mounted on the PVC backboard for ultimate convenience.

The HCC 1000 ensures pH is precisely maintained at the desired level to optimize chlorine effectiveness. Maintaining proper pH protects costly pool surfaces and equipment, extending equipment life and reducing warranty issues. The HCC 1000 Series provides powerful technology in a simple, affordable package.

Perfect for new and existing applications, especially saltwater pools.
Automation eliminates time and risks of making manual pH measurements and adjustments.
Proper pH maintenance enhances chlorine effectiveness, bather comfort and safety.
Factory engineered, pre-configured to ensure simple professional installation.
NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Listed (HCC 1000 only).
One-Year Warranty.

HCC 1000 pH Controller Package Item: #HCC1000-Ph
HCC 1000 pH Controller Package with CO2 Feeder Item: #HCC1000-CO2
HCC 1000 ORP Controller Package Item: #HCC1000-Orp
HCC 1000 pH Controller Package Complete with Feeder Item: #HCC1000-Ph-CP