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Vantage ACF18 Feeder For Cal Hypo Tabs Up To 50K Gallons Skid Mount With Pump 18 Lb. Capacity Item: E023018S

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Easily installed and easy to service, the Vantage ACF-18 Calcium Hypochlorite Feeder is designed for the commercial pool operator's convenience. With a hopper that holds 18 pounds of Vantage Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets, it can handle pools up to 50,000 gallons. What's more, it can easily be installed in tandem in order to provide less frequent filling of the feeder when used on larger pools. This design also provides many safety features for the operator.

Designed for use with electronic controllers, the ACF-18 feeder can deliver up to 26 lbs. of available chlorine per day (40 pounds of Vantage Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets).

Vantage 1 Inch Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets 50 Lb. Pail Item: #CMN200