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Shock 99% Dichlor - 4 Lbs. Item: CM55154

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Instant Shock is easy too use. Just broadcast into the water. It is completely soluble. No residue. It is an economical way to treat your inground or aboveground swimming pool. Regular shocking of your pool is necessary to rid the water of organic (swimmer and environmental) wastes that accumulate over time. Use Instant Shock as part of a good maintenance program that should include a constant feed of Chlorine (sticks or tabs) and dose of algaecide.

99% active Dichloro, 56.2% available chlorine.

Dosage: 1 lb. treats 10,000 gallons of pool water. Be sure to follow all label instructions for best results.

Shock 99% Dichlor - 1 Lb. Bag (Box of 6) Item: #CM22816AQU-6
Shock 99% Dichlor - 1 Lb. Bag Item: #CM22107AQU