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Chemtrol PC2100 Programmable Controller with USB and Micro SD Ports Item: PC2100

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The CHEMTROL PC2100 Controller features automatic control of ORP and pH with display of the Langelier Saturation Index. It is an upgrade of the CHEMTROL PC2000 controller with new, improved electronics, a large 8-line screen display, a USB port for easy datalog download and an optional new PPM SENSOR for precise monitoring and control of free chlorine levels in ppm or mg/l.

The CHEMTROL PC2100 controller is a simple and reliable programmable controller that features automatic maintenance of water chemistry (pH and ORP) with acid or base feed, programmable superchlorination and chemicals savings cycles and display of the Langelier Saturation Index. The Main Screen on the 8-line display enables the operator to supervise all process functions at a glance and to quickly respond to any changing condition.

It operates like a computer with multi-line screen displays and direct access to all menus and submenus. The front panel keypad is used to move up and down each menu and enter or exit the submenus. All operating functions can be easily modified from the keypad, including sensor calibration, control setpoints, alarm levels and the programs for superchlorination and chemical savings.

Options which can be added (separate purchase) include ppm readouts, conductivity (or TDS) and temperature monitoring and remote control with true duplex operation.

  • Feed Control: Manual, On/Off, Proportional Feed, Timer.
  • Calibration: 1, 2 or 3 points.
  • Langelier Index: Scaling and corrosion alert.
  • Failure Analysis: Dynamic Probe Testing with sensor failure warning for ORP and pH.
  • Data Printing: Real-time with data logging or downloading from storage memory.
  • Warranty: Five years on PC boards.

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