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Chemtrol PC5000 Programmable PPM Controller Item: PC5000

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The CHEMTROL PC5000 programmable controller features a new Chlorine Sensor that gives easy-to-use, direct and reliable readings of Free Chlorine (HOCI+OCI+Chlorinated Isocyanurates) concentration in water. Unlike older sensors, this sensor is simple to install and highly reliable. It does not require expensive reagents or special flow cells and is compatible with cyanuric acid (CYA) at all concentrations. The combination of Free Chlorine and ORP (Oxidation-Reductioin Potential) sensors gives the operator the capability to control either chlorine residual or oxidizing activity. This also makes it ideal for control of a separate oxidizer in the Automated Chloramine Treatment (ACT) program.


1. CONDUCTIVITY or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) monitoring.

2. WATER LEVEL CONTROL with electronic sensor and fill valve control.

3. MAIN PUMP CONTROL and FLOW RATE with cumulative display.

4. INFLUENT/EFFLUENT PRESSURES monitoring with safety alarms.


6. ETHERNET and INTERNET communications.

The CHEMTROL PC5000 is a user-friendly and reliable controller that is easy to install and operate. All menus are displayed in clear language in English, French or Spanish with choice of US or metric units. Each unit is supplied with a comprehensive operation manual, on-site start-up and training by a Qualified Dealer, and a FIVE-YEAR electronics warranty.

Technical support is available through our network of Qualified Dealers and by computer with the CHEMCOM Remote Operation Program.

  • FREE CHLORINE CONTROL in ppm or mg/l.
  • ORP CONTROL of oxidizer with shock treatment program.
  • pH CONTROL with acid/base feed and probe rinse program.
  • Programmable CHEMICAL SAVINGS cycles.
  • TEMPERATURE READOUT with programmable heater control.
  • LANGELIER SATURATION INDEX for water balance.
  • AUTOMATIC DATA LOGGING for up to 999 tests.
  • FULL SCREEN MENUS in English, French or Spanish.
  • Screen displays in US or METRIC UNITS.

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