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Chemtrol PC7000 Programmable Integrated Controller with Free Chlorine Sensor Item: PC7000

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The CHEMTROL PC7000 is a microprocessor-based programmable controller for automated control of water chemistry and filtration. With its new solid state sensor for Free Chlorine and duplex operation by remote computer, it is the most advanced control system for automated water treatment in swimming pools, spas, cooling towers and industrial water treatment.


The CHEMTROL PC7000 is a powerful and reliable controller that incorporates automated control of water chemistry and filtration in a single unit with choice of backwash programs for single or multiple filters. All menus are displayed in clear language in English, French or Spanish with choice of US or metric units. Each unit is supplied with a comprehensive operation manual, on-site startup and training by a Qualified Dealer, and a FIVE-YEAR electronics warranty.

Technical support for the CHEMTROL PC7000 controller is based on our experience with over 40,000 installations worldwide with the following exclusive advantages:

The CHEMCOM Program for Windows allows immediate technical support from our Service Department or from a Qualified Dealer by remote computer with true duplex operation.

The patented Probe Alert Safeguard constantly monitors the response of the ORP and pH probes and alerts the operator in case of probe failure.

  • PPM CONTROL with solid state sensor for true Free Chlorine monitoring.
  • ORP CONTROL of oxidizer with shock and chemical saving programs.
  • pH CONTROL with acid/base feed and probe rinse program.
  • HEATER CONTROL with energy saver program.
  • MAIN PUMP CONTROL and FLOW RATE with cumulative display.
  • INFLUENT/EFFLUENT PRESSURES monitoring with safety alarms.
  • AUTOMATED BACKWASH for multiple filters.
  • LANGELIER SATURATION INDEX for water balance.
  • AUTOMATIC DATA LOGGING for up to 999 tests.
  • CONDUCTIVITY CONTROL or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) monitoring.
  • WATER LEVEL CONTROL with electronic sensor and fill valve control.
  • VOICE TELEPHONE communications for status reports, remote control and alarm callouts.
  • FULL-SCREEN MENUS in English, French or Spanish.

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