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Series 2000 FAS-DPD Complete Test Kit, Alkalinity/Chlorine (Hi Range) Item: K-2006

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The Commercial 2000 Series is designed for the kind of comprehensive, routine testing performed by service technicians, commercial and public pool operators, and environmental health specialists. It allows users to build up their test kits in a stepwise fashion as their testing needs grow without having to purchase a new case or color comparator.

Kits in the Commercial 2000 Series with the FAS-DPD Advantage offer the latest trend in chlorine testing at commercial aquatic facilities. This has been a refinement of the DPD color-comparison method—the FAS-DPD titration. With a FAS-DPD titration, you can read free and combined chlorine directly without subtraction, measure these levels as low as 0.2 ppm and as high as 20 ppm, and eliminate color matching.

Calculations of treatment dosages are more accurate—no under or overdosing. Very high levels of chlorine that would be off-scale on a color comparator are easy to determine by counting drops. And the distinct change in the treated water sample from vibrant pink to no color is easy for everyone to see.

This model DPD kit contains a high range comparator. Reagents come in .75 oz. bottles.

Every kit in the 2000 Series includes a copy of Pool and Spa Water Chemistry, complete with 11 tables to facilitate chemical adjustments, as well as Taylor's unique Watergram for quick water balance calculations. Case is molded polypropylene.

  • Total Alkalinity 10 ppm
  • Chlorine FAS-DPD-free, combined .2 or .5 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Hardness
  • pH 7-8
  • Acid Demand
  • Base Demand

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R-0003-A DPD #3 3/4 Oz. Reagent Dropper Bottle $3.27
R-0004-A pH Indicator #4 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $2.75
R-0005-A Acid Demand #5 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $2.75
R-0006-A Base Demand #6 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $3.00
R-0007-A Thiosulfate #7 N/10 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $2.54
R-0008-A Total Alkalinity #8 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $2.47
R-0009-A Sulfuric Acid #9 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $2.45
R-0010-A Calcium Buffer #10 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $3.34
R-0011L-A Calcium Indicator #11 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $4.83
R-0012-A Hardness Reagent #12 3/4 Oz. Dropper Bottle $3.05
R-0013-A Cyanuric Acid #13 3/4 Oz. Dispenser Tip $2.58
R-0870-I DPD Powder 10 Grams $7.07
R-0871-A FAS-DPD Titrating Reagent (Chlorine) .75 Oz. Dropper Bottle $7.72

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