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The Duradapt Diving Towers are made for Durafirm short stand (fulcrum and anchor/hinged assembly). Recommended only for competition pools and only for 16 foot Duraflex or Maxiflex boards.

  • Each tower is furnished complete with railings, rear anchor, front anchor, pedestal, and fulcrum.
  • Anchors are included and are shipped with each tower. Anchors needed in advance for construction purposes can be ordered by identification numbers.
  • Standard tower pedestals come in red prime coat, ready for painting to match your facility, or in stainless steel (at extra cost), with flanged base.

Each tower is available in different grades. The variations among grades apply only to materials. There is no difference in design or detail between grades of the same tower.

Duradapt Features:

  • Utilizes 19 inch steps
  • Comes with flanged pedestal only
  • Guard rails and hand rails are welded and extend to pool edge

Durafirm fulcrum and anchor/hinged assembly are not included and must be ordered separately.

Note: Diving boards are not included.

Duradapt Diving Towers 1 Meter Superflyte Item: #KDI-12004
Duradapt Diving Towers 1 Meter Ultraflyte Item: #KDI-12003
Duradapt Diving Towers 3 Meter Superflyte Item: #KDI-12002
Duradapt Diving Towers 3 Meter Ultraflyte Item: #KDI-12001