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Durafirm Short Stand with Double Rail (Both Sides) No Anchors Item: 70-231-520

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Durafirm Diving Stands are the finest diving stands in the world today! Duraflex equipment has been used exclusively in all Olympic Games and International Diving Competitions since 1960.

A Short Stand is a duplicate of the regular Durafirm Diving Stand without legs. It is installed onto a poured cement pedestal and can be used for both one-meter and three-meter installations. Elite level divers prefer diving on short stands due to the superior stability of the cement pedestal.

The Short Stand consists of heavy aluminum castings finished with epoxy powder-coating. The roller and tracks are heat treated and hard-anodized extruded aluminum. The bearings for the roller tube and slide are Teflon/polymer with grease path. The diving board anchor hinges are heat treated aluminum forgings with a design tensile strength of 35,000 psi and are hard anodized. The diving board anchor bolts are custom short-neck 5/8 inch diameter by 3-1/2 inches long stainless steel carriage bolts, specially designed to work on the Duraflex diving boards.

This model is supplied with top and intermediate hand rails on two sides. Anchors sold separately.

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