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Commercial Midgets Chlorine Low Test Kit Item: K-9036

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Kits in the Commercial Series™ test for two closely related parameters using liquid-color standards. The Slide™ and Midget™ comparators in this series give the most accurate colorimetric readings available short of high-end electronic instrumentation. Cases are custom-molded plastic. Reagents are .75 oz. in Midget™ kits and 2 oz. in Slide™ kits. If you are an operator or regulator of a commercial facility and you don’t see the ranges or combinations to meet your local ordinances, call our Customer Service Department.

Commercial Midgets Chlorine 

  • Chlorine DPD        .1-2 ppm
  • pH                        6.8-8.0

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R-0001-A DPD #1 3/4 Oz. Reagent Dropper Bottle $3.43
R-0002-A DPD #2 .3/4 Oz. Reagent Dropper Bottle $3.47
R-0003-A DPD #3 3/4 Oz. Reagent Dropper Bottle $3.64
R-1003J-A Phenol Red .75 Oz. $5.20

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