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Refinish Duraflex 14 Foot Diving Board Item: 70-000-000

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Replace the slip-resistant surface on your Duraflex diving board BEFORE a slipping accident occurs.

The length of time before refinishing becomes necessary depends on the amount and kind of traffic, care in handling and storage, and environmental conditions. If the diving board is slippery take it out of service and contact us for refinishing.

Factory Refinishing involves removing all of the old paint and corrosion. Duraflex then re-inspects the board for cracks, damage, or excessive corrosion, before sending the board through our paint line for a new finish. We then install new rubber channels.

There will be an extra charge to replace the anchor angle if the factory determines the anchor-bolt holes are enlarged, corroded, or if the bolts are stuck in the anchor angle.

Shipping charges to get the board to the factory are included. Do not ship to factory collect. *Requires Final Quote from Duraflex After Inspection. Please contact us with questions on freight and preparing your diving board for shipment.

Refinish Duraflex, Maxiflex, Maxi-B 16 Foot Diving Board Item: #70-000-001