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Book on Fitness Swimming 2nd Edition by Emmett Hines - Limited Quanitites - All Sales Final Item: AQBOK158-S

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Copyright 2008 – Paperback – 232 pages.

Want more from your workout? Whether you seek to improve your technique, trim your times, swim greater distances, or simply improve your fitness level, Fitness Swimming will help you achieve your goals, all in full-color.

Expert swim coach Emmett Hines has created 60 new workouts and 16 sample programs, each arranged into suggested training zones to correspond to your fitness level and performance goals. Over a dozen cutting-edge technique drills help you progressively build an effective freestyle stroke. The text covers stretching, warm-up and cool-down methods, heart rate zone targets, expanded instruction for stroke efficacy, progressive drills, conditioning tips, and fitness assessments. Fitness Swimming has all the information you need to chart progress and maintain peak performance.

Part I Preparing to Swim
Chapter 1. Swimming for Your Life
Chapter 2. Getting Equipped
Chapter 3. Assessing Your Swimming Fitness

Part II Swimming the Right Way
Chapter 4. Your Relationship With the Water
Chapter 5. Posture and Balance Drills
Chapter 6. Stroke Integration Drills and Turns
Chapter 7. Warming Up, Stretching, and Cooling Down

Part III Swimming Workouts
Chapter 8. Level 1
Chapter 9. Level 2
Chapter 10. Level 3
Chapter 11. Level 4
Chapter 12. Level 5
Chapter 13. Level 6

Part IV Training Over the Long Haul
Chapter 14. Planning Seasonal Training
Chapter 15. Sample Programs
Chapter 16. Charting Your Progress

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