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Item # GR221

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Description of Graffiti and Spray Paint Remover 20 oz. Can.

Scrubs® Graffiti and Spray Paint Remover jellied formula clings to surfaces to deliver maximum removal power and will not run off vertical surfaces. This product works hard to break down and lift graffiti and spray paint. Comes in 20 oz. aerosol can which works on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Removes: Paint, Grease, Crayon, Adhesive, Marker, Bal Point Ink, Pencil, and more!


Removes paint, grease, lipstick, ball point ink, and crayons from a variety of surfaces.
Safe for cleaning metal, porcelain, formica, and baked enamel paints.
Jellied aerosol formula will not drip or run!

Works On:

Metal, Glass, Plexiglas
Porcelain, Vinyl, Formica, Ceramic Tile
Glass, Chrome, Fiberglass
Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass
Cement, Brick, Marble
Baked Enamel Paints
Can be used on our Plastic and Aluminum Signs.

Easy to use, Scrubs are safe for cleaning many surfaces. However, gloves should always be worn when using the product. Also available single packets.

Before Scrubs Graffiti Remover and After!