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Shock Lithium Hypochlorite 35% Available Chlorine, 29% Lithium - 1 Lb. Bags Item: CM1101-E

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Shock treatment is the practice of adding significant amounts of an oxidizing chemical to water to destroy ammonia, nitrogen-containing and organic contaminants. Adding chlorine as a shock treatment can also control algae and bacteria. Swimmers, rainfall, sunlight, and debris deplete chlorine's ability to sanitize your pool. Shock treatments burn or oxidize these contaminates and replenish the chlorine level in your pool. Shocking actually restores your chlorine's fighting power and makes it safe to swim again.

LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE (Inorganic Chlorine). Fast, totally-soluble chlorine granules with 35% available chlorine; 29% Lithium. Leaves no residue.

Dosage: 1 lb. per 7,500 gallons of pool water.

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