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  Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, 400,000 BTU/Hour Cast Iron Shell, Cupro-Nickel Inner Tube Bundle  

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Item #: CN400


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Description of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, 400,000 BTU/Hour Cast Iron Shell and End Covers with End Covers Bronze Coated Internally, Cupro-Nickel Inner Tube Bundle

The use of external sources of heat as a means of swimming pool heating has increased significantly over the past decade. Indirect pool heating is also becoming increasingly popular and is growing with alternative heating applications such as hydronic heating, solar thermal, geothermal and biomass heating. These alternative heating applications are energy efficient and will grow in popularity due to rising energy prices.

Bowman CN-P Series Cupro-Nickel Pool Heat Exchangers are designed specifically for saltwater pool applications They are designed to handle the large flow rates created by pool pumps with minimal pressure loss.

High Efficiency
Compact Design
Sturdy Construction
Removable Tubestacks Enables Easy Cleaning

CN400, CN400