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Hollow Water Noodles 2.25 Inch Diameter - Assorted Colors (Pack of 36) Item: AQHN102

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Our Water Noodles are a flexible, fun-in-the-sun water toy and exercise float that has unlimited uses. They measure 58 inches in length and 2.25 inches wide. They are soft and flexible and extremely buoyant. People of all ages will enjoy using these pool noodles for floating, splashing, making waves, or exercising. Possible uses are limited only by your imagination. A must for public pools, YMCA's, etc., to keep your patrons entertained or for aquatic aerobic classes.

Made from a durable, eco-friendly closed cell foam, the water noodles are highly resistant to water absorption and harsh pool chemicals. Excellent tear, tensile, and resiliency mean your noodles will last longer.

Our hollow 2.25 inch diameter water noodles are sold by the case. Carton size consists of 36 water noodles in assorted colors of teal, orange, blue and dark pink. Sorry, no choice of color is available.

Note: The Water Noodle is not a safety device. Children should not be left unattended around the pool or water. The Water Noodle should be stored out of direct sunlight to prolong its life.

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