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DPD #1A 2 Oz. 60 mL Bottle Item: P-6740-H
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The liquid alternative to DPD tablets can be used with existing LaMotte chlorine comparators, colorimeters or digital photometer. DPD 1A and DPD 1B are added to a 5 or 10 mL sample to test Free Available Chlorine. DPD 3 is added to the reacted sample to measure Total Chlorine. Also, liquid reagents are available to measure pH, Hardness, Alkalinity, Copper, and other liquid reagents.

P-6741-H-I.jpg DPD #1B 2 Oz. 60 mL Bottle Item: #P-6741-H 39 - In stock
P-6743-H-I.jpg DPD #3 2 Oz. 60 mL Bottle Item: #P-6743-H 20 - In stock