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  Multi-Test DipCell Test Kit DL-51  

Your Price: $71.60


Item # 378-7013

Availability: Ships In 3-5 Days

Description of Multi-Test DipCell Test Kit DL-51

The DL-51 DipCell Test includes enough reagents for 144 tests for Free Chlorine, Total chlorine and pH. Kits have drop count tests for Alkalinity, Hardness, Acid and Base Demand. The DL-51 has the added test of Cyanuric Acid for outdoor pools. Color-coded instructions and a reference handbook is included.

The LaMotte DipCell color comparator is part of a competitive lineup of kits for the pool operator and service pro. The DipCell comparator is simple to use: dip the comparator into the water to get a sample; add reagents, cap, mix, and read chlorine and pH immediately. Six color standards are provided for wide-range chlorine from 0.5-10.0 ppm. The six standards included for pH range from 6.8-8.2. Separate titration tubes for Alkalinity and Hardness prevents cleaning pH cell before each test.

Comes with compact and rugged carrying case.

7013, 378-7013

Replacement Test Kit Contents for 378-7013
Add to Cart Qty Part Number Description Online Price

P-6740-G DPD 1A 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $6.67

P-6741-G DPD 1B 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $6.67

P-6743-G DPD #3 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $8.30

P-7028-G Alkalinity Indicator 30 Mil Price: $12.96

P-6111-G Alkalinity Titrant 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $9.97

P-4259-G Calcium Hardness 1 Reagent 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $10.96

P-7030-G Calcium Hardness 2 Reagent 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $19.72

P-7031-G Calcium Hardness Titrant 1 OZ 30 Mil Bottle Price: $11.89

P-6068-E Acid Demand 15 Mil Price: $8.97

P-6460-E Base Demand 15 Mil Price: $9.32

P-7026-G pH Indicator 2 Oz. 30 mL Price: $10.77


378-0175 Tablet Crusher Price: $2.48

378-3375 Lamotte Dipcell Comparator Price: $11.46

378-0929 Alkalinity/Hardness Titration Tube and Cap Price: $5.32

378-1161 CYA Double Tube and Cap Price: $18.59

378-1505 Pool Manager Handbook Price: $10.16